Travel Information

For those travelling abroad, we offer information, help and provide vaccinations. We have regularly updated information on what vaccinations are required for each country and keep most vaccines in stock.

You will need to contact reception and state you would like an appointment with a nurse to discuss travel vaccinations. Please bear in mind that some vaccinations need to be given several weeks prior to travelling.

There is a form which you will need to complete – if you are travelling abroad. You can download this here.

After completing this form you will need to hand this in at the reception desk. The sister will look at this to enable her to decide whether you will need vaccinations for the country which you are visiting. This form will be scanned onto your medical file.

You will need to contact the practice after a couple of days of handing the form in – to see whether you require any vaccinations for your holiday. If you do the receptionist will book you into a sisters treatment room appointment

Please note that some vaccinations solely needed for purposes of travelling abroad are not all available free on the NHS and will need to be paid for at the time of vaccination.

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If you take medications regularly, make sure you have enough for your trip. Be aware that some medications may not be permitted in the destination country and that you may need a Doctor’s letter to take with you.

See the downloads section for details regarding appointments, charges etc.

For further advice, please visit: