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Mission Statement

Our Mission

“To enhance the health and well-being of our community by working in partnership to provide our patients with high quality accessible care in a safe, responsive and respectful manner.”

Our Visions

We will in collaboration with our health and social care partners provide the highest possible quality of care that meets the identified needs of our patients.

We will treat our patients and staff with courtesy and dignity and promote an environment of mutual respect.

We will involve our patients in decisions and empower them to self-care.

We will encourage the continuous education and professional development of all members of the practice team to deliver evidenced based practice.

We will ensure that all members of the team strive to protect people’s health and well-being and support them to live, free from harm and neglect.

We will work together as one integrated team to attract, develop and attain great people whilst maximising all invidivual’s potential.

We will work with integrity by speaking and acting truthfully and being accountable for our actions.

We will ensure sustainability of our practice by operating on a financially sound basis and through the effective use of resources,.

We will strive to ensure that our patients have a positive experience of care.