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Training and Education

We are involved in the training and education of medical students and doctors, who are specialising in general Practice.

GP Trainee

What is GP Trainee?

A GP Trainee is a fully qualified, experienced doctor who is completing a further 3 years training in order to become a GP. Their placements with us vary in length, depending on their stage of training, from 4 months to over 12 months.

What do GP Trainees do?

GP Trainees are qualified doctors who work alongside the other Doctors in the practice. They have daily surgeries (often with longer appointment times) and undertake home visits .
Trainees are supervised and assessed on a regular basis. Patients may, on occasion, be asked whether they mind having their consultation videoed for educational or assessment purposes.

Medical Students

The Practice also receives medical students who are training to become doctors from Manchester University. Patients may be made aware of students sitting in with GPs, observing a surgery or may sometimes be asked if they mind being interviewed by a student as part of their training.

Patients, of course, have the right to decline in helping with assessment and training. However, Readesmoor hopes that most will feel happy to assist in the education and training of our future health professionals.