Get the results of my test?

There are several reasons why you have been requested to have a blood test. Depending on who has asked you and what for, this affects when you will receive the results.  The following should help.

If you are having bloods done prior to a clinic appointment the results will be discussed with you at your appointment. Please do not ring the Surgery for your results.

If you are having bloods done by a doctor and have a follow-up appointment with that doctor, please wait for your appointment. If the blood result shows anything that requires urgent assessment, the doctor will contact your directly, or through reception. For this reason, we must have up to date contact details, including a mobile number.

In most cases, it will take between five days and a week for the results to be returned to the Practice and be viewed and actioned by the doctor.

In line with ‘best practice’, we try and have your blood test results viewed by the doctor who arranged them, however not all doctors are in every day and not the results come back at the same time, as they are sent to different hospitals, eg coeliac blood testing happens in Manchester. Do not be alarmed if some blood tests take up to two weeks before we receive them.

If you have been told to ring for your blood results, please leave it five days from the date of your blood test before ringing up for the results.

Please remember that even though the Reception Team can relay the results and view the doctor’s comments, they are not in a position to elaborate, nor do they know what your test was for or if there are any outstanding results.

If you require any scan results (x-ray, CT, MRI), please contact the surgery approximately 14 days after your scan. These take longer as the film needs to be reviewed by a consultant and reported on before the results are sent to Readesmoor which unfortunately can take a little time. Some hospital consultants will not necessarily relay the results to us until after they have seen you at your next hospital appointment, as they wish to discuss them with you.

If you require the results of any investigative procedures (gastroscopy, sigmoidoscopy, barium investigations, etc), again, please contact the surgery approximately 14 days after the procedure for any results. If these were requested by the hospital consultant instead of your GP, we will not automatically receive a copy. Please contact your consultant’s secretary for further information.