How do I order a prescription?

If you are over 16 years of age and are on regular repeat medication and would like to register for online prescription ordering, please come to the Practice, with a form of identification, to sign a consent form and to collect a registration form.

Click Here once you have registered at the Practice to access the system to order your repeat medication.

Alternatively, tick the items you require on your repeat slip and hand it in to the surgery by whatever method is convenient to you, eg.

  • Post to surgery
  • Post into letterbox outside surgery
  • Via Fax on – 01260 297340
  • Post into the box in reception (to avoid queuing)
  • Online, please register for this with a member of the Admin Team

We do not take prescription requests over the telephone because of the potential for errors and to maximise efficiency.

If it is necessary for you to have a blood test to monitor your medication, you must attend one of our clinics or see your GP, we will indicate this on your prescription.

Please note we need 2 Working Days to process a prescription request. This may sound a lot but we get a huge number and to ensure quality prescribing we do a range of checks e.g. are you up to date with blood tests, etc. on every prescription.

If you find your medications are out of sync, you are ordering one medication one month and another the next month, please contact the admin team who can try to realign them.