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The Cheshire Care Record provides a single summary view of a person’s health and social care record, including combined information from the GP Practice, Cheshire hospitals, mental health, community care, cancer care and social care. This is the first time that all of these partners across Cheshire have successfully combined information from multiple sources to provide a summary view, which is updated daily and can be accessed by all staff involved within the patient’s care.  If you want to know more about the Cheshire Care Record, please visit:

The Cheshire Care Record – The Cheshire Care Record is a project involving all GP, hospital, community, mental health and social care services provided in Cheshire.  The service streamlines summary health and social care information into one digital record so you don’t have to keep repeating your medical or social care history.  Your shared record includes information such as test results, medications, allergies and social or mental health information relevant to your care.  All information is held securely and will not be shared with any other organisations.  It is important to note that your information will only be accessed if you have given your consent.  The Cheshire Care Record is a multi-agency initiative, with organisations involved including Cheshire’s four CCGs, Cheshire East Council, East Cheshire NHS Trust – which runs the hospitals in Macclesfield, Congleton and Knutsford – and other providers of social care, mental health and cancer services across Cheshire.