Non-NHS Fees


Most of the services offered by the surgery are free under the NHS.  However, some services are not covered and for these your GP can charge a fee.

The fee will reflect the doctor/nurse’s time to carry out the service and the professional opinion, if relevant.  It may also include the cost of nursing or secretarial support, stationery and consumables.

The list of non-NHS fees below are correct as at 13th March 2017





Bus pass application


Private 10 min consult.




Referral letter following private consultation


Fitness to travel/holiday cancellation.


Copies of records, letters etc.

Free from infection cert.


Computer generated only (maximum)


Immunisation certificate


Hard copy or mix of computer & paper.


Insurance/PPP/BUPA forms


Photocopies per sheet.


Private medical cert/sick note

(single statement)


Medical Examinations/Reports

Court Order of Protection with Examination


Court Order of Protection

Without Examination


Other Reports

Criminal CICA




Elderley Driver


LGV, PCV, HGV, Taxi, Racing etc.


Employment (Exam & Report)


GP Letters


Employment (Report/Questionnaire only)






Prescription for holiday meds


Private prescription