EC MSK Physiotherapy – Self Referral Form

  • For Physiotherapy queries at Readesmoor Medical Centre – please dial the following number:- 01260 288112.

Premier Physical Healthcare is working in conjunction with the NHS to offers fast access to hands-on physiotherapy via your GP. Our experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapists will carry out a thorough initial assessment before compiling a bespoke rehabilitation programme tailored to not only your symptoms but also your lifestyle. We then ensure that you are set achievable goals to give you the results you want. We couple our rehabilitation programmes with hands-on treatment which may include soft tissue techniques, spinal mobilisation, strapping/taping or acupuncture to name but a few (you can download our info sheet below.

Our physios will also help to educate you about your condition and how to best self-manage your symptoms to ensure that you reduce the chance of recurrence in the future.

Common conditions that we treat include: –

  • Back pain/ stiffness
  • Neck pain/ stiffness
  • Shoulder pain/ injuries/ reduced range of movement
  • Knee injuries
  • Ankle injuries/sprains
  • Neurological symptoms such as pins and needles or referred pain in your arms or legs
  • Whiplash
  • Osteoarthritic joints
  • Hip pain

There are several ways that you can access our service which include: –

  • A direct referral from your GP straight to physiotherapy.
  • A referral by your GP into the triage service.
  • You can self-refer to a triage service (please see the attached form) and if they feel that physiotherapy is suitable just ask to be referred to Premier Physical Healthcare.
  • You can also access our service as a private patient.

For more information please see our website at or ask at the reception in your GP surgery.

NHS Physiotherapy leaflet 2018