A Message from your General Practice

Your GP practice team are still here for you. We are continuing to provide services as we have been doing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are prioritising delivery of care and services based on clinical needs.

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Something exciting is coming your way!

We are currently trialing a new, more accessible way of booking appointments with us. You will not have to call the practice to book your appointment – instead you can visit our webpage or ask for a link to be sent to your phone . All requests will be viewed by a GP on the same day and they will call you directly that day, if required. You will then be fast tracked for a face to face appointment if one is needed. This appointment system means you can choose how and when you speak with or see a GP. And no phone queues early in the morning!

This new way of contacting us will also include access to administrative requests like asking for extensions to fit notes and booking other, more routine appointments.

Don’t worry if you do not have digital accessibility; you will still be able to speak with our staff when you need to!

This is a phased trial and may not be available yet but look out for more updates coming soon!